SOCIAL (12 months)



Social Media is one of the most important ways for you to engage with your clients. It provides the tools for your business to show it's personality, all the while, targeting your audience, and ultimately making sales! We will link all of your social accounts together and then post the content we create to all platforms at once. Our team will create a strategic approach to executing a proper social media management game-plan.

  1. Discovery

    • Audit your social media accounts and formulate an ongoing monthly plan.

  2. Strategy

    • Determine the goals and key performance metrics.

  3. Content

    • Our social team will work with our designers to curate your custom content and build a grid on your strongest social platforms that work.

  4. Management

    • Create a content calendar that is managed and monitored on a daily basis.


The beautiful thing about LA Media Group, is that we create the content for you and then manage it from day to day. Gone are the days of working with social agencies who rely on YOU to provide them with content. Using our production team, we will create a content calendar that uses YOUR products and services to drive social media traffic.


Our in-house designers are extremely talented with a wide understanding of visual art and story telling. Instagram isn’t a brochure. People come to social media platforms like Instagram to get inspired, look at art, and in the process buy a thing or two. Our designers take the sales man out of the approach and build a brand voice and personality that will attract your potential audience members.


Cohesive brand strategy

Social Media campaign development

Analytics and campaign adjustments

Custom curated content

Content Calendar and scheduled posting

Dedicated designer

Dedicated social media manager

Dedicated account manager


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