5 BEST Instagram Grid Content apps


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  1. Photo Grid - Create Grids Pics


So, here’s the cool thing about this app. Despite the fact that we have a full in-house Creative team here at LA Media Group, sometimes things just need to happen on the fly. Our founder, Leeron Cohen uses this for his instagram account almost daily. This app is really useful in the sense that it allows you to break up one image into multiple gird images, and then really get creative with the individual images. When its all said and done, it looks like one image in a set of 9 separate boxes.

Check out the full image below.




Canva is AMAZING! It has both a desktop and mobile app version. The layouts for your design work allow you to create content on the go.


It automatically allows you to choose the exact size and aspect ratio of the type of post you want to create. For example, if you are creating a post for Instagram, it allows you to preselect an instagram post.

If you’re looking to create a banner for Facebook or update your instagram mobile Icon, Canva is an amazing solution that will help you accomplish that. Best part is, you DON’T need to be a designer. The app is free with some upsell offerings inside, but TOTALLY worth it!



Many times, we find ourselves dropping a photo Into the PS Express app, cleaning it up and then exporting that into an instagram grid app. It works really well!


For all the photo shop buffs out there, here is one for you. The great thing about the Adobe products is that they make for really great apps. You are able to take a photo on your iPhone, pop it right into PS express and change the colors, contrast, brightness, and do so more customizations to the photo itself.


4. Perfect 365


Ladies, this one is for you! If you haven’t discovered Perfect 365, you might want to give it a go. This app is great to bring that “instagram look and feel” to your photo. You ever hear your friends say “WAIT!! don’t post that” and then you immediately find yourself grabbing the phone out of their hands to take view or edit the picture? Well, this can potentially solve your problems. The app allows you to edit your makeup, facial features, adjust the cheekbones, add eye liner, and much more! Just be careful, don’t over do it, because people do notice when a photo has been drastically altered. This is great to get those subtle imperfections to truly be perfect.


5. Plotaverse


All right guys! This brings us to our last pick which is an app called Plotaverse. You ever come across instagram accounts that have an image and everything is still expect for the water in the background which is moving? They probably used this app. For those who are up for the challenge and want to invest some time into making really cool cinema graph looking images, Plotaverse is your go to.

Check out this Youtube Video by: KelbyOne

They did a pretty solid dive on how to use Platoverse and what you can discover!